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Disproportionate compassion

Israeli hospital will treat Lebanese victims

In a perfect world, hell, even a sane world, this kind of thing might generate some positive feelings for Israel. Somehow I think this can still be spun to make Israel out to be the bad guy. Just give me a minute…


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It might be your neighborhood,

but it’s my bar.

There has been an awful lot of talk about Israel’s use of “disproportionate force.” Whatever that is. It’s wasn’t apparent to me at first how anyone could think Israel was being unreasonably forceful. Especially after having open war declared against it. Until I realized that the people being critical have never been in a bar fight. Probably never even seen one, except in the movies, which, believe me, is as far from reality as you can get. See, in the movies, guys trade punches, keep things fair. You hit me, I hit you, back and forth, with the tougher guy, the one that can take the most punches, winning. Then they buy each other a beer and call it good. Both parties walk away with a new respect and appreciation for the other. This is what we, apparently, expect in our wars too.

I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but that isn’t how it works. Now, I’m not a fighter. That isn’t to say I haven’t, I’d just rather not. Sometimes things happen. And I haven’t been in a war. So a fight is the closest analogy I have. It’s war on a smaller scale. I’m not an expert. I’m just a guy that has seen some ugly things in the real world. Continue reading

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This one’s for you Rob…

During yesterday’s adventures with me plagiarising another website, accidentally, but still, it happened, I noticed a practice on that website that I thought might be kind of nice to incorporate here. That practice is the Hat Tip, which Rob got for telling on me, instead of pointing out my error directly to me. I’ll bet you were very popular on the playground, weren’t you Rob? I realize that the Hat Tip is probably copywritten or something like that, but hopefully the concept of appreciation for a job well done is not protected. If it is, I have no doubt that Rob will inform the proper authority, who will then have their people contact me. So, what I am proposing is the “Atta Boy.” For generating massive amounts of traffic to my site that I wouldn’t have received otherwise, thank you Rob. Why do I see swirlies in your future?

[Atta Boy: Rob]

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I had mail…

Well, I got up this morning to find that someone actually read my little blog and commented on it. I shouldn’t just say someone. It really was SOMEONE. One of the big fish in the blog world. I even warranted my very own post on his blog. Yeah, me! Well, not really. See, it turns out I copied this story from his website and I didn’t credit him.I made a huge mistake, it was wrong, and I’m sorry. I’ll try to explain what happened and how I was so sloppy, and also reply to my many comments, being very careful to give proper credit. Hopefully you’ll see that I meant no harm, (although the jerk off moniker is probably well deserved) and call off your minions. Apparently there is also a problem with this post as well. I was under the impression that it was credited to the original website, at the end, but I could be wrong. I will go and verify the link in the post when I’m done with this, and if it doesn’t work I will remove the post. Hell, if it works and you still want me to remove it, I will, ‘k?

So, back to the original mistake that got me in hot water. I would like to blame it on being tired, but it was mostly laziness. What I thought I was reading was an opinion piece from Israel National News. Had I bothered to click the link, I would have seen that it was just crediting the quote at the beginning of the post. The rest was obviously written by the guy at The Jawa Report. Well, it’s obvious now. In my grogginess this morning I was a little confused by being scolded about copy and pasting something I thought was copied and pasted. Now that I’m fully awake I see the error of my ways and will be much more careful in the future.

Now hopefully I can ease the minds of some others. I have removed spaces from the original emails. If anyone would prefer I leave them in I have no doubt you’ll let me know. Also, everything I didn’t actually write myself, but copied and pasted, is in italics.

E-mail :


Hey now- plagiarism isn’t the best way to start a new blog.
Maybe you meant to credit ASE and Jawa, but didn’t for whatever reason. Fine. I suggest you do it soon, lest you surrender your reputation right here and now.

Yes, had I been paying attention I would have credited it. Thank you for the vote of confidence. As I didn’t think anyone but friends would ever read this I was unaware that my reputation was in jeopardy. I see now that the post is very similar to my own writing and could be mistaken by my friends for mine.

E-mail :

There are more key’s on a keyboard than the ones used for copy and paste. Right youre own thing!

Yup, I see them all right in front of me. In fact, if someone would move it closer I could hit it with my forehead or nose. I used to regret not being able to use my fingers, but after reading your comment, I see that they would just be a hindrance. Maybe I should start using my nose, instead of my current method.

E-mail :


Your current 252 hits could be the last hits you receive unless you actually BLOG instead of STEAL. I want to read what YOU think, not what you COPY.

252 hits? Holy shit! I didn’t think anyone was reading this. I think STEALING is a pretty harsh word for a mistake, but I now see that I am getting an awful lot of traffic that is rightfully someone else’s. That is probably very threatening. If you want to read what I think, can I take that as an indication that I can hope for one more hit at least?

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14 Iraqi War Myths


The primary mission of TROP is to document and publicize the violence that takes place in the name of Islam each day. It is not to necessarily defend coalition action in Iraq or make political endorsements. We wrote the following article as a means of responding to the large number of inquiries and challenges that we receive concerning Iraq.


Outrageous claims are often made in the Islamic world and even in the West concerning what is taking place in Iraq. The more misguided believe there to be some sort of crusade against Muslims, as if all of the Muslim-Americans have been killed off and fresh blood is needed overseas. In fact, only one Muslim lost their life in America to any sort of revenge attack following 9/11, and this was at the hands of a White-power felon who hardly represents anyone other than himself. Other foolish conspiracy theories and fabrications have been repeated so often that they have settled as fact in the minds of the misinformed. These echo with violent repercussions in Iraq, so correcting such myths can only save lives.


With this in mind, we present (and hopefully discredit) the 14 biggest myths of Iraq:

Continue reading

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Out of Disproportion

By Ben Stein

Published 7/21/2006 12:09:46 AM

The American Spectator

So, now I see that some commentators are saying that Israel’s bombing
of Lebanese Hezbollah strong points and neighborhoods is
“disproportionate.” The Israeli campaign, so this story goes, is
bullying and terrorizing the Lebanese populace, and this is (so the
argument goes) typical Israeli thug behavior.


see. In World War II, the Germans bombed exactly no United States
cities or towns. We bombed the hell out of them, day and night, for
more than two years, including helping the British with firebombing
Dresden, one of the most appalling civilian killings by a free people
of all time.

Was it disproportionate? Well, no. The Nazis had
bombed our allies, the British, in terror raids for years. They had
started a world war. They had created a genocide unspeakable in human
history. So, yes, there was horrible killing, but is anyone now saying
it was disproportionate? Maybe a few, but not many.

Continue reading

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Leaps of Logic in a Nevada Primary

From FactCheck.Org.

In a race that The Hotline
calls “the ugliest primary no one is watching,” state Senate Minority
Leader Dina Titus and Jim Gibson, mayor of Henderson, NV, are again
trading barbs through television ads across the Silver State.

In her ad, Titus claims that Gibson
“was paid more than half a million dollars by Nevada Power to keep
utility rates high.” Gibson’s law firm was paid this sum for
consulting services, but there is no evidence he had any role in
determining rates.

Gibson attacks Titus for Nevada’s poor education system, blaming her
for all of the state’s woes on that front. His statistics are a little
off and it takes no small amount of creativity to hold one state
senator — especially one who’s in the minority — responsible for the
whole mess.

Guys, the phrase, “Go ugly, early.” means something entirely different. However, I don’t think this race is going to be as fun as the one for the US Senate seat with Edward “Fast Eddie” Hamilton.  There isn’t any information on him, so for all I know he may be a very nice guy. I will just say, my friends call me a lot of things, none of which I would use in a political campaign.

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Griffin: “Hizballah IS the Local Population”

This story seems to explain a lot about who Hezbollah is in Lebanon.

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Santorum: War Against Islamo-Fascism

Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum says the United States is engaged in a new world war against Islamic fascism.

He says many Americans won’t say so for fear of offending Muslims.

Santorum says terrorist attacks worldwide, the war in Iraq and Israel’s fight against Iran-backed Hezbollah are all battlefronts in a war that Americans will either win or lose, but cannot avoid.

Santorum is opposed to the Iranian regime, but does not support military action against the country. He says he favors legislation would punish countries that aid Iran’s nuclear program and that encourage pro-democracy groups in Iran.

Someone in Congress finally has the guts to say it. Now, why don’t you try sitting down with Senator Murtha and explain the situation to him. Remember… talk slowly, he may still be off his meds. 

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What happened on Sesame Street?

US Muslims criticise Bush over Israel

Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR),
the largest US Muslim rights group, said: “Once again, America’s image
and interests worldwide are being harmed by one-sided support for
Israeli actions.

“We’re urging Muslims in America and other people of
conscience to contact their elected officials to tell them that we have
to have balanced foreign policy for the Middle East, one that is driven
by American interests, not Israeli interests.”

Israeli interests ARE American interests, Dipsh*t!

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