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Nevada primaries (continued)…

Continuing my post on the Nevada primaries, with a little help from There will likely be opinions on Humboldt county candidates at some point, maybe after the primaries, if I can do it without hurting feelings. Yes, the town is that small.


Active Candidates:

I don’t really care about this, Kroliki or Hammargren will probably get my vote.

* Lonnie Hammargren (R)
Ex-Lt. Governor, Retired Surgeon & ’98 Governor Candidate
* Eldon Hardy (R)
State’s Homeowners Association Ombudsman & Retired Businessman
* George Kao (R)
Business Consultant- Don’t remember exactly why I wrote him off. Either from Vegas or a transplant, or both. If I’m wrong I’ll give him another look.

* Brian Krolicki (R)
State Treasurer
* Barbara Lee Woollen (R)
Businesswoman – Woolen is running on a family values platform but her business has ties to porn. Kroliki called her on it, so she sued him. I don’t care about the porn thing, but that isn’t what the courts are for. Sorry Barb, you would have had a chance with me if you hadn’t filed that frivolous suit.

* Janet Moncrief (R)
* Bob Goodman (D)
Ex-State Economic Development Commissioner & Trade Association Executive
* Bill Montgomery (D)
* Bob Stupak (D)
Ex-Casino Owner & World Champion Poker Player- I just have to say that Stupak creeps me out. Too many face-lifts maybe.

* Bob Unger (D)
Real Estate Developer & Attorney
* Thomas Jefferson (IAP)
Retired Auto Parts Store Owner & USAF Veteran- How can you not vote for that name?


Active Candidates:

* Merle Berman (R)
Ex-State Assemblywoman & Ex-State Ethics Board Member

* Brian Scroggins (R)
Outdoor Sign Contractor & Clark County GOP Chairman
* Danny Tarkanian (R)
Attorney & Son of Retired UNLV Basketball Coach Jerry Tarkanian
* Ross Miller (D)
Attorney & Son of Ex-Gov. Bob Miller- Only these three returned their questionnaires. This one is actually difficult. Tarkanian appears to be the most on the ball and has issued position papers on every subject under the sun. I haven’t read any of them, but I like the idea that he isn’t afraid to say where he stands. Scroggins seems to be a strong candidate as well, basing his candidacy on more stringent voter registration requirements and small business protection. I will actually consider Miller in the general election. His platform is based on closing corporate loopholes, more open corporate ownership disclosure and restrictions on special interest groups. I have a feeling this will be spun as anti-business by November, it probably is, but he makes it sound appetizing.

* Roderick Boyd (D)
* Janine Hansen (IAP)
Conservative Activist, State Party Co-Founder & Frequent Candidate


Active Candidates:

* Kathy Augustine (R)
State Controller, Ex-State Sen. & Ex-State Assemblywoman – Um…she’s dead. Her record was a little sketchy, but we can just let her rest in peace, lest this become a gossip rag. I have my journalistic integrity to consider. Can those words be used together, or is that like Clinton’s moral authority?
* Mark DeStefano (R)
Financial Consultant, GOP Activist & ’04 Board of Regents Candidate
* Kate Marshall (D)
Ex-Senior Deputy Attorney General – She will probably get my vote in November because, frankly, she’s kind of cute. So much for integrity, huh?
* Dr. Geoffrey VanderPal CFP, CTP (D)
Certified Treasury Professional, Finance Business Owner, Former Village Trustee, Corporate Treasurer


John Ensign (R)
* Next Election in 2006- He seems to be doing a good job. I see no reason to replace him. Many of the votes that I checked countered Harry Reid’s votes. That just makes my heart smile.

Active Candidates:

* Jack Carter (D)
Investment Consultant, Attorney, Navy Veteran & Son of President Carter – You’re not a Nevadan. I can only speculate that you would follow your father’s example of kissing Arab ass. Go home.
* Ed “Fast Eddie” Hamilton (R)
Ex-Chrysler Executive – I had high hopes for this guy. Sadly, he lost me with the idea of Vietnam style fire bases on the Mexican border. Yes, we need more restrictive border control. I don’t think killing them is the answer. Also not a Nevadan.

* Ruby Jee Tun (D)
Teacher & Science Doctoral Degree Candidate
* David Schumann (IAP)
Retired Financial Analyst, ’04 Nominee & ’02 State Sen. Nominee
* Brendan Trainor (Lib)
State Party Chair, Airline Quality Manager & Frequent Candidate

Harry Reid (D)
* Next Election in 2010 – Sadly, I probably won’t live until 2010 to see this treasonous ass run out of office. To paraphrase the Dixie Chicks, I’m ashamed to be from the same state.


District 2:

Active Candidates:

* Dawn Gibbons (R)
State Assemblywoman & Wife of US Rep. Jim Gibbons
* Dean Heller (R)
Secretary of State, Ex-State Assemblyman & Ex-Stockbroker
* Sharron Angle (R)
State Assemblywoman, Ex-Nye County School Board Member & Ex-Teacher – Once again, all three seem perfectly acceptable. As they have all served in-state in some capacity and seem fairly even, this one will require more research. I’ll let you know what I find.
* Jill Derby (D)
State University System Regent, Educational Consultant & Anthropologist
* Glenn Thomas (R)
* Richard Gilster II (R)
* James Kroshus (IAP)
* Scott Babb (Lib)
* Daniel Rosen (Ind)
Businessman, Software Developer & Musician


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