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As everything in the world is being covered by every other blog, ad nauseum, I thought I might take this opportunity to voice my opinion on the upcoming elections and what I think of some of Nevada’s candidates. I’m sure it was only evident to locals where the name of my blog comes from. Nevada is the Silver State and our state flower is the silver sage. My apologies to anyone that thought I was a silver haired wise man. No doubt, after my in-depth “analysis” you won’t be thinking that anyway.

I have never really been into politics, and only have the most basic understanding of our political parties, but I think I’m an average representative of how people my age (38) view politics and elections. If my opinions seem over simplified to you, it may be that I’m dumb, but I might also suggest that you have a greater interest in the subject and I might think you’re lacking in other areas. So, again, I think I’m the average Joe on the street.

Some information on my thought process going into my analysis might be a good place to start. My basic understanding of our two big parties? Republicans are for smaller government, lower taxes, and capitalism. Democrats are for big government, more taxes, and socialism. The Republicans are the party of Reagan. Democrats, the party of Clinton. That’s the theory anyway. In practice I don’t think there’s much difference between the two. I’m mostly a Republican because the idea of being associated with John Kerry, Hanoi Jane, and Ted Kennedy gives me the willies. That isn’t to say I wouldn’t vote for a Democrat if their ideals were aligned with mine, but then they probably wouldn’t be in that party would they? I realize there are other parties. For now they are wasted votes, so I won’t waste “ink” on them. Told you, I’m simple.

Last night I read an insert in our local paper where the candidates answered questions about their backgrounds, positions and objectives. I will use what I remember reading because if they didn’t say anything memorable they wasted my time. Also, Las Vegas isn’t really Nevada and I find it hard to trust candidates from down there to serve my interests. The following information is from


Active Candidates:

* Bob Beers (R)
* State Sen. & Accountant-
* Jim Gibbons (R)
Congressman, Ex-State Assemblyman, Attorney, USAF Veteran & ’94 Nominee
* Lorraine Hunt (R)
Lt. Governor, Ex-Clark County Commissioner & Banker- All three of these seem perfectly acceptable, all career politicians and basically interchangeable. Gibbons “lives” in Reno, but I don’t care which one wins the primary.
* Stan Lusak (R)
Retired Janitor, Ex-Postal Worker- Not only is there no information online, he also didn’t fill out the questionaire. What a shame. I would like to see what a little guy has to say. Sadly, I think the “nobodies” tend to run because they are angry about a specific subject that has personally affected them. Start with a school board if you want to serve, Stan.
* Jim Gibson (D)
Henderson Mayor
* Dina Titus (D)
State Senate Minority Leader, College Professor & Author- Three strikes for these two. Las Vegas, Democrats, but worst of all they just run negative adds about each other but I have no idea what they stand for.

* Leola McConnell (D)
Liberal Activist- Hippie; need I say more?

* Melody “Mimi Miyagi” Damayo (R)
Adult Movie Actress & Erotic Dancer- She actually has a lot of information about her campaign, online, and has pretty conservative ideas, although she probably had help. I also suspect this is a publicity stunt. Sadly, if she did win the primary, any Dem would hammer her. Switch parties Mimi, I’ll vote for you.
* Craig Bergland (Green)
Environmental Activist & ’98 Reno Mayor Candidate- Tree hugger, probably anti-mining. Sorry bud, mining is the basis of our economy up north.
I think there might be a limit to the size of my posts because I am having trouble saving it all, this will be continued.


July 31, 2006 - Posted by | Nevada, News and politics, Politics & Elections

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