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Nevada primaries (continued)…

Continuing my post on the Nevada primaries, with a little help from There will likely be opinions on Humboldt county candidates at some point, maybe after the primaries, if I can do it without hurting feelings. Yes, the town is that small.


Active Candidates:

I don’t really care about this, Kroliki or Hammargren will probably get my vote.

* Lonnie Hammargren (R)
Ex-Lt. Governor, Retired Surgeon & ’98 Governor Candidate
* Eldon Hardy (R)
State’s Homeowners Association Ombudsman & Retired Businessman
* George Kao (R)
Business Consultant- Don’t remember exactly why I wrote him off. Either from Vegas or a transplant, or both. If I’m wrong I’ll give him another look.

* Brian Krolicki (R)
State Treasurer
* Barbara Lee Woollen (R)
Businesswoman – Woolen is running on a family values platform but her business has ties to porn. Kroliki called her on it, so she sued him. I don’t care about the porn thing, but that isn’t what the courts are for. Sorry Barb, you would have had a chance with me if you hadn’t filed that frivolous suit.

* Janet Moncrief (R)
* Bob Goodman (D)
Ex-State Economic Development Commissioner & Trade Association Executive
* Bill Montgomery (D)
* Bob Stupak (D)
Ex-Casino Owner & World Champion Poker Player- I just have to say that Stupak creeps me out. Too many face-lifts maybe.

* Bob Unger (D)
Real Estate Developer & Attorney
* Thomas Jefferson (IAP)
Retired Auto Parts Store Owner & USAF Veteran- How can you not vote for that name? Continue reading


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A public “service”…

As everything in the world is being covered by every other blog, ad nauseum, I thought I might take this opportunity to voice my opinion on the upcoming elections and what I think of some of Nevada’s candidates. I’m sure it was only evident to locals where the name of my blog comes from. Nevada is the Silver State and our state flower is the silver sage. My apologies to anyone that thought I was a silver haired wise man. No doubt, after my in-depth “analysis” you won’t be thinking that anyway.

I have never really been into politics, and only have the most basic understanding of our political parties, but I think I’m an average representative of how people my age (38) view politics and elections. If my opinions seem over simplified to you, it may be that I’m dumb, but I might also suggest that you have a greater interest in the subject and I might think you’re lacking in other areas. So, again, I think I’m the average Joe on the street. Continue reading

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