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The Dumb Cow strikes again

Well, my self-appointed arch nemesis, Cindy “Dumb Cow” Sheehan is back in the news. This time for using a surrogate to buy land near GW’s Crawford, TX ranch, because nobody in their right mind would sell it to her directly. It really should come as no surprise. She has a history of not doing things herself. Like raising her “son” Casey.

On a related note of taking credit for not actually doing anything, Dumb Cow’s “fast” is back on my radar. I wondered how she was fairing with her “only water all summer” hunger strike, and found some pictures that show a far less emaciated Cindy than I was hoping for. I would go so far as to say she is downright plump, but I must be mistaken. It must be the distended starvation belly fooling me.

If anyone is interested (Sheecow wasn’t) my counter hunger strike is going well. Except for a couple little bites, it has been a pure liquid diet since my challenge on the 14th of July when I discovered that Cindy was cheating. Why do I get to cheat? Because I’ve been on the all liquid Cindy diet since April. See, I eat through a PEG tube in my stomach. My point with this whole challenge is that what she is doing is absolutely meaningless. You think you’re suffering with your Java Juice diet? That’s how I live, bitch. You’re an insult to me, and to Casey’s memory. Hurry up and starve to death because that psycho Phelps woman is begging for my undivided attention.


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