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This one’s for you Rob…

During yesterday’s adventures with me plagiarising another website, accidentally, but still, it happened, I noticed a practice on that website that I thought might be kind of nice to incorporate here. That practice is the Hat Tip, which Rob got for telling on me, instead of pointing out my error directly to me. I’ll bet you were very popular on the playground, weren’t you Rob? I realize that the Hat Tip is probably copywritten or something like that, but hopefully the concept of appreciation for a job well done is not protected. If it is, I have no doubt that Rob will inform the proper authority, who will then have their people contact me. So, what I am proposing is the “Atta Boy.” For generating massive amounts of traffic to my site that I wouldn’t have received otherwise, thank you Rob. Why do I see swirlies in your future?

[Atta Boy: Rob]


July 26, 2006 - Posted by | Blog Babble, Uncategorized

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