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14 Iraqi War Myths


The primary mission of TROP is to document and publicize the violence that takes place in the name of Islam each day. It is not to necessarily defend coalition action in Iraq or make political endorsements. We wrote the following article as a means of responding to the large number of inquiries and challenges that we receive concerning Iraq.


Outrageous claims are often made in the Islamic world and even in the West concerning what is taking place in Iraq. The more misguided believe there to be some sort of crusade against Muslims, as if all of the Muslim-Americans have been killed off and fresh blood is needed overseas. In fact, only one Muslim lost their life in America to any sort of revenge attack following 9/11, and this was at the hands of a White-power felon who hardly represents anyone other than himself. Other foolish conspiracy theories and fabrications have been repeated so often that they have settled as fact in the minds of the misinformed. These echo with violent repercussions in Iraq, so correcting such myths can only save lives.


With this in mind, we present (and hopefully discredit) the 14 biggest myths of Iraq:

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