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Out of Disproportion

By Ben Stein

Published 7/21/2006 12:09:46 AM

The American Spectator

So, now I see that some commentators are saying that Israel’s bombing
of Lebanese Hezbollah strong points and neighborhoods is
“disproportionate.” The Israeli campaign, so this story goes, is
bullying and terrorizing the Lebanese populace, and this is (so the
argument goes) typical Israeli thug behavior.


see. In World War II, the Germans bombed exactly no United States
cities or towns. We bombed the hell out of them, day and night, for
more than two years, including helping the British with firebombing
Dresden, one of the most appalling civilian killings by a free people
of all time.

Was it disproportionate? Well, no. The Nazis had
bombed our allies, the British, in terror raids for years. They had
started a world war. They had created a genocide unspeakable in human
history. So, yes, there was horrible killing, but is anyone now saying
it was disproportionate? Maybe a few, but not many.

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Leaps of Logic in a Nevada Primary

From FactCheck.Org.

In a race that The Hotline
calls “the ugliest primary no one is watching,” state Senate Minority
Leader Dina Titus and Jim Gibson, mayor of Henderson, NV, are again
trading barbs through television ads across the Silver State.

In her ad, Titus claims that Gibson
“was paid more than half a million dollars by Nevada Power to keep
utility rates high.” Gibson’s law firm was paid this sum for
consulting services, but there is no evidence he had any role in
determining rates.

Gibson attacks Titus for Nevada’s poor education system, blaming her
for all of the state’s woes on that front. His statistics are a little
off and it takes no small amount of creativity to hold one state
senator — especially one who’s in the minority — responsible for the
whole mess.

Guys, the phrase, “Go ugly, early.” means something entirely different. However, I don’t think this race is going to be as fun as the one for the US Senate seat with Edward “Fast Eddie” Hamilton.  There isn’t any information on him, so for all I know he may be a very nice guy. I will just say, my friends call me a lot of things, none of which I would use in a political campaign.

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