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What happened on Sesame Street?

US Muslims criticise Bush over Israel

Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR),
the largest US Muslim rights group, said: “Once again, America’s image
and interests worldwide are being harmed by one-sided support for
Israeli actions.

“We’re urging Muslims in America and other people of
conscience to contact their elected officials to tell them that we have
to have balanced foreign policy for the Middle East, one that is driven
by American interests, not Israeli interests.”

Israeli interests ARE American interests, Dipsh*t!


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Possession is not 9/10 of the law.

From the Clarity and Resolve Lexicon.

waqf: an Islamic religious endowment, wherein the property (land or otherwise) is entrusted to God in perpetuity to be used for the benefit of Muslims. In Islamic doctrine, lands conquered by Muslims in God’s name are considered to be thereafter inviolable and may not be forfeited. Muslim land, past and present, and the totality of its respective awqaf (pl.) are considered to be the eternal property of God and His servants (Muslims). Israel, for instance, is considered to be an Islamic waqf, and therefore not open to appropriation by Jews, even though its their homeland.

So, does this mean Spain owes some back rent?

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Israel; always on MY map.

Ok, as usual I am probably over simplifying a very difficult situation. I see Israel defending itself against a terrorist organization, Hezbollah, in southern Lebanon. An organization who’s only purpose for existence is the complete destruction of Israel. I personally believe they wouldn’t stop there. Israel is just the first step. I doubt Hezbollah is very well liked by the majority of Lebanese. But they’re well armed murderers backed by a foreign government, Iran. What can a normal person do against that? They are probably a lot better armed than the Lebanese army as well. Israel pulled out of Lebanon in 2000, with the understanding that Hezbollah would be disarmed and the Lebanese army deployed in south Lebanon to prevent Hezbollah’s return. (UNSCR 1559) This of course hasn’t been done. Either the Lebanese government and army doesn’t have the strength or the will. Hezbollah will not be disarmed willingly. So Israel has been forced to do it. Maybe now, once Israel sufficiently weakens Hezbollah we’ll find out if the Lebanese government has the will to take back it’s country. If they do not, it seems pretty clear to me that they support Hezbollah’s goal of destroying Israel.

This is how I see the current situation. Have I missed something? Is it that black and white?

(update- The headline for this post was taken from a t-shirt over at Aaron’s Case, although I misquoted it. I hope he doesn’t mind. Go check his stuff out. I wouldn’t mind having one of everything. I’m sure you’ll find something to make a statement. )

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