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Your stupid…

I’ve been noticing a strange trend lately. It’s become so prevalent that I’m beginning to think I must have missed something. That thing, the thing giving me fits, is the use of “your” in place of “you’re”. It’s driving me absolutely bonkers. I’ve even seen it on t-shirts. I think it said “your retarded” or stupid, I don’t remember. I couldn’t get past the first word. Is there not an editor in the factory? I can’t hold the little Malaysian kid that made it responsible. But are the kids running the place? I can even deal with it possibly being done on purpose. “Yes, it is your stupid, you possess all of it.” That’s actually kind of funny.
But, I see it everywhere on the internet. Usually by kids, but not always. This leads me to believe that; a) they are, in fact, stupid, or b) it is some type of internet slang or contraction for quicker writing, or c) nobody gives a shit.
I know I’m opening up my own writing for criticism by complaining about this. I’m sure I break all kinds rules. I know because I edit in Word and there are a lot of green lines telling me I have sentence fragments and grammar errors. I also have no idea when to use ‘whom’, or a semi-colon. I kind of know, but it never sounds right. This thing with the apostrophe is something different. I really think that nobody cares anymore. “We all know which form of the word should be there for the sentence to make sense, so do it for me because I just don’t have the energy for those extra two keystrokes.” Placing the burden on the reader to figure it out. I’m even wondering if these minor details are taught in school anymore. Maybe I’m behind the times and should just let it go. I probably won’t though.
Coming soon to a blog near you, there, their, and they’re.



July 16, 2006 - Posted by | Grammar, Uncategorized


  1. Probably c), although when I make that mistake it’s usually just that, a mistake.

    Comment by Feringji | July 18, 2006

  2. I worry about that too, that when I criticize others’ grammar, they’ll peruse my blog and jump all over the first error they find. What’s perhaps more likely is that a) like c), they don’t give a shit and so won’t read any of it, b) they’ll look through it but won’t recognize any errors for lack of understanding of English grammar, or c.2) they’ll be so enticed by our collective grammar lesson posts that they’ll spend all of their free time catching up on what they missed in elementary school. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

    Comment by nosugrefneb | August 14, 2006

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  4. we just had a test on this. not bad results, but not excellent either. the thing with our kids is that their objective test results rock, but their compositions are evidences that they haven’t really absorbed anything. it really is annoying and frustrating.

    Comment by reeyah | August 15, 2006

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  6. Oops! Sorry, I forgot I linked here earlier…my apologies for the bother.

    Comment by nosugrefneb | August 21, 2006

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    Comment by Antibush | February 15, 2007

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