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Eretz Israel

Special Report


By Ben Stein



Published 7/14/2006 9:57:32 AM

The American Spectator

Now for a few thoughts about the war in the Middle East.



God bless Eretz Israel. The Hamas terrorists provoked them mercilessly.
Hamas fired rockets and mortars at Israel every single day since Israel
gave Gaza back to the Palestinian Authority. Israel acted with amazing
restraint. But when the Hamas murderers killed two Israeli soldiers and
kidnapped another, that was too much. God bless Israel for having the
cojones to stand up for herself.

Hezbollah are the most vicious killers imaginable. They killed 283 U.S.

Marines in Lebanon in 1983. They kicked a helpless Navy man, Robert

Stetham, to death on a hijacked airliner. They have killed and mailed

U.S. embassy people wherever they could. They blew up a Jewish

community center filled with children in Buenos Aires.


They are not politicians any more than Stalin or Hitler were politicians.
They are simply murderers. God bless Israel for standing up to them
when they attacked over the border and killed eight Israelis and
kidnapped two. There is no end to the wickedness of these people, no
end to their hatred of the United States and Israel. No end to their


They are not like anyone you know, unless you knew
Eichmann or Dr. Mengele or Himmler. The world is well rid of every one
whom Israel kills or captures. They cannot be rehabilitated.


God bless George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice. While France, Germany,
Italy, Spain, and Russia predictably blamed the victim — Eretz Israel
— Bush and Rice alone stood up for justice and for the right of Israel
to self-defense and against murder.


There is no end to the
loyalty and courage of Mr. Bush where Israel is concerned. Yes, he has
made mistakes aplenty. Yes, he sometimes listens to his heart instead
of his head. But his selfless devotion to Israel is a shining chapter
in the history of American political leadership. Where LBJ and Kennedy
washed their hands of Israel, could not have cared less about whether
Israel survived, where Clinton had the thief, murderer Arafat to the
White House, more than any other world leader Bush has stood foursquare
for the survival of Israel.


How any American Jew concerned
about the survival of Israel could even consider not supporting Bush in
the final analysis is a mystery to me.


3.) It is clear that Iran
is the main funding- and weapons-supplying entity fueling Hezbollah
against Israel. Isn’t Israel entitled now to bomb the Iranian nuclear
sites? Shouldn’t the U.S. supply Israel with the weapons needed to do
the job? Isn’t the time now?


4.) Shouldn’t we American Jews be
on our knees night and day with gratitude that we are in the blessed,
safe USA? We should be and I am.

The American Spectator


July 16, 2006 - Posted by | Social and Politics

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  1. i totally agree, 110% true, Israel deserves peace, if the Palestinians were uprooted because of the founding of the state of Israel, it is not Israel’s fault. Israel is for Israel, Iran and its cohorts, amazingly even educated Europeans believe that Israel does not have the right to Israel. How absurd. Where should they go? The palestinians should go back to where they came from. I agree that they should have a home, but if they will insist in driving Israel out of Israel, then they should find another place to live. Period. End of war. Beginning of peace. I guess it will not happen, but something else will, and only He knows when.

    Comment by cecil2010 | June 25, 2010

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