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You dumb cow


Just what is my problem with Cindy Sheehan? Don’t people have a right to protest when they see injustice? They absolutely do. I did my time to ensure that right for my children, as Cindy’s “son” also did for her and the rest of us. My problem isn’t so much with the protest itself, although I believe she is misguided and wrong, and makes a mockery of Casey’s death. She is also giving comfort to our enemies. That’s just my opinion. What really irks me is the form of the protest. The so called hunger strike or “fast” by Codepink and their supporters. A true hunger strike would be a powerful statement. Putting your life, or at least your health on the line. In theory it could be very detrimental to one’s health causing permanent injury, depending on how long it goes on. What Cindy Sheehan is doing is called dieting. It is good for you. I assume Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, and Cindy Sheehan aren’t very well acquainted with deprivation. Going 24 hours with just juice, or in Cindy’s case, Jamba Juice protein shakes, may seem like a huge sacrifice. It isn’t. People do it all the time for no reason at all. I’ll say it again. IT’S GOOD FOR YOU. How about this? To protest Cindy Sheehan’s presence in our country, I will take my vitamins everyday. Hey, they make me nauseous.


July 15, 2006 - Posted by | Social and Politics

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